Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ola from South Texas

(McAllen, TX) - Another weekend, another vacation destination. My part-time football duties bring me to the southernmost point of Texas, where the palm trees sway and the salsa flows freely.
I've come to appreciate the little things on trips like this. A good meal and a nice hotel can make a guy's day. I asked the lady at at the rent car counter for a restaurant recommendation, and she was on the mark. So, that worked out. The hotel is the nicest I've stayed in on these excusrions, so I'm happy.
I seem to have detected a pattern on these trips to towns on the Rio Grande River. Three trips to either McAllen or Laredo this year, and I've had a baby crying and/or screaming in Spanish on the plane. Today's wasn't so bad. His mother was able to calm him down in intervals.
The bonus was seated across the aisle from me: a young Latina, maybe 25, who was stunning. She carried herself in an understated way, as if she has no idea how beautiful she is. She wasn't putting on any kind of airs and had a quick, easy smile. She was reading a gymnastics magazine, so she might be some kind of athlete. I kept my nose in my book and tried not to ogle. Nobody wants to be a dirty old man, but I admit stealing a glance or two along the way.
It's peculiar to be traveling on a Thursday. Tomorrow, I plan to fire up the laptop and cell phone and put in a full day's work for my actual job. Then, I'll get to go home early Saturday and have some part of a free weekend. Maybe the football team will have another playoff win to celebrate.
I've traveled four weeks in a row now. There's a decent chance I'll be in Tulsa next weekend, which is hard for me to comprehend. Five weekends in a row, five different cities. I'm pulling for my guys to keep winning, but I'm missing my own bed.

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