Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Hope We Are OK!

(Tulsa, OK)- Five weekends, five road trips. I'm inclined to say I'm getting too old for this, but that's just not accurate. I am a little road weary, to be honest. The good news is, I know I will be home next weekend, whether the Arena Football team I'm following wins or not. The league championship game will be played in our home arena, regardless of the participants. Certainly it would be nice, since we've literally traveled such distances, to play for the league title at home.
I got here on a bus, and we will turn right around after the game and go home. We watched movies, "Wild Hogs" and "Remember the Titans" on the way up, so the six-hour drive passed effortlessly.
The city is building what looks to be a spectacular new downtown arena; but for now we are in the ancient but serviceable Tulsa Civic Center. This is the broadcast vantage point, which is not bad. It's getting here that's the problem. I'm in a bird's nest designed for spotlights, and you have to climb a ladder to get here.
This is not big-time football or big-time radio. That means I haul my own equipment and hook it all up by myself. That means I had to haul it up the ladder and through the hatch.
I am definitely getting too old for that.

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