Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Unexpected Glimpse of Joy

I found myself in a part of town I do not often visit. I encountered some people who are enduring misfortune. There were others who have devoted their lives to helping them. The meager moments I spent in their company were hopeful. Then I spotted young brothers, Isiah and Ahmad, blissfully unaware of their plight...just playing together. Isiah was the picture of joy. Ahmad was happy, too,despite being surrounded by strangers who did not know his name.He and Isiah likely could not tell you where they were, knowing only they were not at home. I met their mother, who perhaps had made some mistakes in judgment but is still young and attractive with a determined look in her eye. She is searching for a path for her young family. I hope she can use her sons' smiles to light her way.

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