Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Leftovers From the Road

The nature of my last trip was such that I had nothing remarkable to eat. This is a major disappointment, since food and football are my guilty pleasures. Usually, I combine the two. This was a "go-go" trip, though. There was precious little time for anything but driving and the games. I left work early on Friday and got to New Orleans just in time for the job I had been hired to do. I ate take-out in Natchitoches on the drive and didn't eat again until I got some Cane's chicken fingers near my hotel about 10:30pm. Basically, the trip was hotel continental breakfasts, drive-through burgers and M&M's on the road.
The lone exception was a Tuscaloosa landmark, the Rama Jama, which is just across the street from Bryant-Denny stadium. The excellent greasy cheeseburgers and ice cold Diet Cokes might as well have been filet mignon after the game. By the time we got in there, it was late and the place was mostly cleared out. This was a blessing, because we got our food fresh and fast. At 10:00 at night after an Alabama loss, that's all you can really hope for.

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