Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Check (Not), Please

Why, in 21st Century America, do people still write checks at the grocery store? Tonight, the night before Thanksgiving, people are out making mad dashes for supplemental gravy, a can of cranberry sauce and the ingredients for green bean casserole. Everybody's in a hurry, because they can't believe they neglected to get something. Things are humming along frenetically but smoothly until some lady pulls a checkbook out of her purse. Come on! Get a debit card! Do you not have enough discipline to keep up with what you're spending? Are you too old to figure out how to work them newfangled plastic things? What gives?
I'll tell ya what gives: a waste of time. She didn't start writing the check before the total was announced. That's another ninety seconds out of my life. Instead of swiping and punching in the PIN, she has to pull out a driver's license, then show another form of ID. The manager has to come over and sign the check. Oh, by the way: on the eve of Thanksgiving, the manager wasn't busy or anything.
If you can't handle a debit card, then just cash your paycheck and walk around with a wad of bills. Keep your checkbook in your purse until you're alone, on your own time paying bills back at the house. Happy Thanksgiving.

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1 comment:

Workman said...

I had the same thing happen a little while back.

Seriously, who writes checks? Was I shopping in Colonial Williamsburg? Ugh.