Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Nest is Still Full

A high school senior lives in our house, and this has created some stress. His mother and I are driven to distraction by the college application process. He has applied to expensive private schools over a broad geographic footprint. We have heard from one school so far, and he was accepted! He celebrated by attaching his rear end to the sofa, grinding a video game and shotgunning Yoohoos.
ATTENTION, UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS HUMANS: His test scores are excellent. His GPA is high. He shows up for work on time at the chicken place. We are happy he is doing this. It gets him out of his room where all he does is study, study, study!
In the meantime, Little Sister took a big risk recently. In front of a packed house at a local theater, she belted out a duet from "Gypsy" with lots of high notes and solos. Despite extensive school and community theater experience, this was the first time she has put her voice out there all by itself. The reviews have been spectacular. The best part is, she has no intention of pursuing The Stage as a career. She has her own college plans, and her performance art is just an outlet. I hope we learn something from what we're enduring now with her brother. Maybe the next college application process will be a little less stressful.

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Anonymous said...

Daddy D - Ain't it all fun? Unless your son is really lucky and receives the "ultimate offer" soon, try to stay patient for the next few months. We learned that the quest for college scholar$hip money usually doesn't sort itself out until March or even April. The schools need to evaluate their pool of applicants and the available scholarship dollars vs. their need for good students. Our first son was accepted at private schools X and Y (but was offered less scholarship money than hoped for), so he happily landed at Large State University after all was said and done. The college visitation and application process was exhausting (especially for us well-intended parents), but, fortunately, the right decisions will emerge in the spring. We were two-for-two, and I'm sure it will work out just fine for your kids as well. So, take a deep breath, play a few video games with your son, and hang in there for the next few months!

Darrell said...

Thanks! I think we're somewhere in the middle grind-wise when comparing ourselves to other parents in similar situations. I think he will have some decent options.