Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daddy D Doing Man Stuff

(Harrison County, TX)- I have remained a law abiding citzen in large part because I live in fear of a prison sentence which involves hard labor. So, here I sit with an "everything ache." By that I mean if you ask me if any random part of my body hurts, the answer would be, "Yes." Today's activities involved heavy lifting, hydraulics, gloves, an axe and plenty of perspiration. Somehow, I was compelled to spend most of my day splitting a former tree into firewood.This is what I get for not going on a football trip this weekend. Or, maybe this is what I get for taking all those football trips on all the other weekends. Either way, I did enough manual labor today to earn a coupe of months' "sitting around" credit.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with fresh air, sunshine and an honest day's labor. Since I was out in the woods, I took the opportunity to soak up southern autumn color.Later, since this was my day to be a "man's man," I used a lot of cuss words, ate heavy beef and drank beer. I engaged in some other manly activities during the course of the day. Tomorrow, who knows? I might use tools to repair something. Bush hogging can't be far behind.

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