Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm OK in OKC

Oklahoma City (July 29,2006) - Oklahoma City is a great place to visit. There, something positive about my many travels. I'm been to lots of generic cities this spring and summer, and OKC stands out. Despite the alarming abundance of cowboy hats, it has a bit of sophistication to it. Its face is Bricktown, which does downtown proud. Imagine something grander that the Louisiana Boardwalk, but not on the scale of the RiverWalk in San Antonio.
This is my first visit to Oklahoma City, and I'm impressed. The Triple-A baseball park is spectacular. The multi-purpose arena is first-rate, and the things in between are clean, well-designed and obviously popular. Better still, they're all together, within walking distance of one another. It's a true residential, recreational and working downtown.
Bricktown is all about entertainment and dining. I didn't run across any retail, although I'm sure it's nearby. There was an outdoor concert going on, and the restaurants and theaters were packed. The crowd was attractive, abundant and diverse. I saw little kids and middle aged people. I saw white, black and Hispanic. I saw well-dressed people in their late teens to mid-twenties, in groups and on dates. I'm telling you, it was almost idyllic.
This is another one of those one-nighter weekend trips for me. I'll say this, though. If I have the opportunity to come back to Oklahoma City, I'll take it and I'm bringing friends with me.
This must be what the people who are planning the Shreveport-Bossier riverfront want to achieve. It's like the hoped-for Red River District married to the Boardwalk, only all grown up. They've tamed the river and have recerational boat rides on it. The walkways are multi-level and broom-clean. The landscaping is well maintained and maturing. This is a true downtown success story.
The prices were reasonable, the food was good, and the drinks were cold. The atmoshphere is upbeat and positive. This place should really be proud of itself.

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Winter said...

I found OK city, really boring actually. The federal buidling monument is something I think everyone should see though, check out the tree, it was amazing. The chairs really remind you of the actual people that lost their lives.