Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life at the Beach

My crew went to the beach without me, which probably is a good thing. The girls who spend every weekend at my house took a spring break roadie to the Redneck Riviera with my wife in tow. By all acocunts, they had a wonderful time. Certainly, the looked fabulous. They arrived home safe and sun-splashed, relaxed and ready to return to school for the Last Push Before Summer.
A strange thing happened while they were gone. I got cranky. People probably got sick of hearing it, but that was the longest I had ever gone without seeing my wife's face. My son and I operated quite nicely at home without the ladies, but something was just missing. He may grouse about having the girls around, but there's a certain level of stimulation as they antagonize him. It didn't help that his girlfriend was out of town with her family much of the time, too. We sat and watched two seasons of "Entourage" on DVD and ate dinner out of a box most of the time. It was kind of pitiful, to tell you the truth.
Women and girls rule our lives. Even our dog and cat are female. They can be as demanding as the rest of them. It came down to this, though: we literally did not know what to do without them. They have become such a part of our day-to-day existence that we just kind of came to a halt. It was very restful, but disconcerting nonetheless.
It's good to have everybody home. I hope they know how much we missed them.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I like it best when all my "chicks" (husband, daughter, parents, dogs and cats) are back at the home place.