Sunday, April 15, 2007

Greatest Line Spoken by a Waiter

My wife and I went to lunch at a nice, locally-owned Italian restaurant. An elderly couple was seated next to us. We can infer from overhearing their conversation that there had been some discussion about where they would eat, and the gentleman got his way. The lady was not pleased.
She didn't like the way they were preparing the veal or the eggplant. She whined and went round and round. They chirped at each other for a while about what to order and whether to leave. The man, God bless him, kept his patience, even as his companion grilled the beleaguered server. She said to the waiter, "When we eat at Olive Garden, they bread the eggplant and fry it."
He replied, "Well, I can call over there and get it to go for you."
It was so great that when he came to our table I shook his hand. Later, I threw an extra buck in for his tip.

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