Saturday, February 27, 2010

Get Into The Groove

I have now been accused of having a mid-life crisis. Why? Because two weekends in a row, my bride and I found ourselves "out on the town," in actual night clubs where dancing broke out.
The truth is, we are on a secret mission with regard to one particular band, but since it's a secret that story will wait for another day.
Despite the pseudo-businesslike nature of our excursions, we actually had fun. Last night, we stumbled into an "80's night" party and it was a kick in the pants. Considering we met, fell in love and got married in the 80's,the music and the evening were evocative of a wonderful time in our lives. For a few minutes, I could close my eyes and be 25 years old again (When I suppose I avoided a quarter-life crisis).
And yes, for the second time in six days, we danced in public. Truly, we don't get out much and we are certainly not into the club scene. So, we were a little surprised at the number of people we actually knew at the one venue we visited. A few of these folks were actual friends who know well our fuddy-duddy natures. I have to be honest, I've enjoyed seeing surprise register on the faces of those people who have never seen us on a dance floor. On both occasions, people starting snapping photos with their iPhones and we were sent multimedia messages with the images and captions like "Gotcha!"
I'm glad we were so entertaining. We had a good time and we might just do something like this again soon. It IS mid-life. If you don't live it now, the chance will be gone forever. I suppose the theme for this newfound philosophy of "getting out there" can be summed up by one of the songs the band played on 80's night: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough."

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