Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Texas Tour

We wrapped up our tour of Texas with a shopping spree in an upscale Dallas mall. One could argue that the ladies deserved it after a weekend of indulging me by hanging around with my friends on the lake. Don't let them fool you, though. They had a good time out there.
While that was all fun and relaxation, the second portion of our trip was quite a stress inducer, at least for me. Our daughter visited another college campus, this time Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth. The folks there did a fine job of selling TCU and I fully expect she will submit an application. I can see several advantages to considering the school, including the fact that it's a four-hour drive from home. It's expensive, though. I need to do a little more research on TCU before I can fully embrace the idea.
She is attracted to the school because she knows several people in Ft. Worth. In fact, she spent the evening with some of them. This means my wife and I had a chance to spend some alone time. In Texas, I figure you should go for barbecue or Mexican food. It was strongly suggested that we visit Joe T. Garcia's downtown, so we did. We liked it. It has a certain flair and charm. We knew things would be okay when the parking lot was packed at 8:30 on a Sunday.
There are no menus there. The waiter just tells you what your options are and you go for it. Decision making is easy, that's for sure.. We left full and happy, so we can't complain.The pressure to make the right decision about a school and the idea that my baby will be leaving home in about a year just freak me out.
The good news, I guess, is if she winds up at TCU we can eat at Garcia's often.

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