Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fun in the Sun

(Lake Travis, TX) - We are deep in the heart of Texas and my wife is in the spirit! The hat looks great!
We are in the company of my oldest friends, who treat us like family. I can never adequately express how much I appreciate these wonderful people.
We found water in the drought-ravaged Lake Travis and everyone seems to be having a relaxed, sun-splashed weekend.
My daughter, separated from the boyfriend by his family's trip to South Carolina, is contentedly along. We had big fun racing on Waverunners. It gave her an opportunity to tease me about being old. She's remarkable in that she seems comfortable in the company of any generation. There are people her age here and she's mixing well. The same can be said, though, about the time she's spending with the adults.
This weekend isn't all about bouncing around on the water.
Tomorrow, we will drive north for an official visit to a nearby university. We're starting to get serious about finding a college home for our daughter. Her senior year of high school starts in less than three weeks, so we're planning to let her squeeze every ounce she can out of a carefree summer.

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