Friday, August 14, 2009

Back Room, Alley, Trusty Woods

Our quest for interesting and unsual senior portraits for our daughter has led us on a two-day, rainy, far-flung photographic adventure. We enlisted the time and talents of the lovely and energetic Kristin Mosura for the project. The first day we trudged out there, some kind of monsoon blew through. We were successful in getting group shots of our daughter and her faithful friends, but the planned solo session was washed away. So, we waited about three weeks until Kristin cold squeeze us into her schedule again.
I really enjoyed watching the woman work. She made me tired but inspired as she sacrificed her body going for the shot she wants. She may or may not have endangered our daughter's health a couple of times along the way. But, hey, if the portraits are as good as we hope, it's all worth it.
Kristin has a handful of favorite settings for this kind of thing, depending upon the kind of tone the subject of the portraits hopes to set. Our daughter decided she's "more rustic than urban," so we went to a couple of plots of land that are quirky and/ or picturesque, neither of which our enterprising photographer had used before.

She seemed thrilled to be able to shake things up. We will be happy because our daughter's photos will be unlike anyone else's in many ways.
Along the way, there were many potential injuries as the photographer had our daughter balance on precarious perches or wade into waist-high weeds.

There were encounters with bugs and birds, as well as at least one elderly man armed with a shotgun. But, hey, that's another conversation altogether.
Our daughter was excited. Kristin was excited. I think we will all be excited when we see the finished product.

I think this may cost us a small fortune.

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The Wife said...

I think that there is no doubt about the spending a fortune thing!