Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Bosom of the Family

(Austin, TX) - We are visiting the wife's family here in the hill country, which means I am surrounded by women. Thank God for the newborn nephew, the rare repository of Y chromosomes on that side of the aisle. Or, to quote my son, "finally, another dude." It's taken us a while to adjust to the idea that my wife's younger sister has brought a baby into family. After all, we're thinking about grandchildren, not nieces and nephews. There he is, though, in the aching arms of his aging aunt. (I'm gonna pay for that one!)
When my wife held that baby, the world just melted away. All of her worries disappeared and she was just transfixed. (Look here now, I don't want either of the Happy Couples to get any ideas, but I'm just saying when the time comes we'll be ready.)
We eagerly anticipate spending time with our lovely 17-year-old niece, who was entirely too busy on a Friday night to hang around with us when we got here.
Having deposited my mother-in-law securely in her familial accommodations, my beautiful, loving not-at-all-showing her-age-by-any-stretch-of-the-imagination wife and I were free to have dinner Out There in the Texas night. We were directed by those in the know to an Austin landmark, Shady Grove. We dined outdoors with a warm breeze, an adult beverage or two and a laid-back crowd that spanned several generations. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was terrific. I recommend it highly.
I look forward to another 24 hours in the company of the in-law women. I think I'll hang around with the baby.

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