Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Nest Was Full for a Moment

There was a rare convergence of personnel at the family compound. Both Happy Couples were in the house at the same time. I would like to say it was a celebration of "Daddy's home," but it was just a fortunate coincidence.
We don't see much of the older pair these days. They're both working and preparing for the start of a new college semester. They seemed quite relaxed, just hanging around for a couple of hours. She has a stylin' new ride, complete with new-car smell, so she was showing it off a bit. Our son is working two jobs: A downtown office gig with covered parking during the day and pizza delivery a couple of nights a week. Something will have to give when school fires up. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. We're proud of him as he exhibits the family work ethic. Let's hope he puts as much effort into his academics.
While were were catching up with them, Happy Couple II rolled in, all aglow from a long weekend trip to a south Texas water park. We enjoyed hearing their road stories. Memorable things happen when several families get together as was the case with this adventure. They had us in stitches, especially with the story of somebody's little brother getting car sick after overeating at IHOP.
Their relationship dynamic will change significantly soon, because he's off to college in September. He will be just an hour away, so they should be okay.
After an hour or so of amiable chatter, POOF! Everybody was gone. They're getting on with their busy lives while Ma and Pa keep the lights on for 'em.

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