Friday, August 07, 2009

Six Flags Over Jesus

(Barrington, IL)- Talk about your "country come to town!" We live in the land of mega churches, but Willow Creek Community Church takes it to a new level.This is not a concert hall or a sports arena. This is the worship space at Willow Creek.
The church is hosting a leadership summit and this was my first-day view. The emphasis is on organizational dynamics and employee relations, and it's all bathed in a bright Christian light.
It's been high-energy. There's plenty to take away from the presentations from church and business leaders. Day Two is shaping up to be inspirational and informative.
There is a "worlds collide" dynamic in this part of Chicagoland. The Arlington Million, one of the most prestigious horse races outside of the Triple Crown, is being run tomorrow. Our hotel is filled with dignitaries from the Sport of Kings. Being from a horse racing market, I am significantly tempted to head toward Arlington Park just to see it. I've stood outside of it already, just kind of staring.
Is that the Devil on my shoulder?

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