Monday, September 17, 2007

Worlds Collide

Today, I experienced a strange confluence of past and present professions. My employers were kicking around ideas about a TV commerical for a new property we have recently acquired. They wanted an on-camera spokesperson. Someone kind of looked around the room and said, "Well, you know...Darrell's right here." That's the short version of how I wound up in front of a TV camera this morning. It's the first time in more than two years I've done something like this. I was hoping to get out of there without embarrassing myself or the organization. As the coaches like to say, we'll know more after we look at the tape.
It was interesting to see the reaction to some people who have no frame of reference for me as a TV personality. Although I was on-air for more than a quarter century, if you have moved to town in the last 3-4 years, you have no idea. So, there were some furrowed brows and confused faces in the room when my name came up. I just waved and smiled and said I was honored and would do my best.
Since I was dealing with health care professionals and not TV people, I didn't ask for a talent fee. We're trying to save the company a little money; and besides, I was on the clock. There's just one thing I hope I don't hear once the spot is finished: "Well, you get what you pay for."

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh Cone on Daddy D

You can do a stand up for 30 seconds with the best of em. Theres always the editing room if needed.

You come across warm & friendly when on cam and on blog for that matter.

Break a leg!