Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today's Little Obsessions

I went to a Subway sandwich shop today. I don't go there a lot, but it seemed like the healthy alternative when eating on the run. Advertising works. Thanks, Jared.
I ordered a little conglomeration called the Italian BMT. Toward the end of the process, a decision needed to be made about some kind of condiment. Not being familiar with the typical BMT ingredients (what does BMT stand for?), I asked the sandwich artist what I thought was a pretty straighforward question: "What do you normally put on it?"
I was expecting "Italian dressing," or "mustard..." something like that. Instead, I got. "I don't eat it." I said, "Okay, but you make it, don't you?" The conversation pretty much came to a halt right there. I went with mayonnaise.
Earlier in the day, I saw a service truck for a highly-regarded local plumbing contractor. It struck me as hysterical that they have emblazoned on the side of the truck "24-hour service. radio dispatched." Radio dispatched? Why does that not inspire confidence for me? I would think they could issue cell phones to the plumbers. But, as you can see in this well-done local commercial starring My Main Man Pat Maxey, the radio dispatch thing apparently works.
And, new obsession: going to football games and having goofy fan photos made with the mascot.
Go Jackets!

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Anonymous said...

Daddy D - I went to the source at Subway's internet site and below is probably the best answer for your interesting question.

"The acronym BMT stands for Biggest, Meatiest, and Tastiest. In the early days of SUBWAY® restaurants, it was a promotion that was based on the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit system in New York City that went along with the subway theme."
Then select FAQ, Question #38.

Darrell said...

I was thinking Bacon, meat, tomatoes....

Unknown said...

Great Job on KEEL today DD.