Monday, September 03, 2007

Tractors and Other Heavy Equipment

(Harrison County, TX) - I think I have to learn how to bush hog. I'm not sure that's supposed to be a verb, but it is. Bascially, it means you haul a big rotary mower behind a tractor. The piece of equipment is a bush hog and when you're using it, you're bush hogging, I think. Really, I never have seen myself as a bush hog kind of guy, but the time apparently has arrived. We own a little piece of property in east Texas. It has a cabin and a creek. The kids like the place and the dog really enjoys visiting. For me, this has always been a place to go a half-dozen times a year, usually when the weather is cool. It was a fantastic place for hay rides and soccer parties when the kids were small. It's been an excellent source of free firewood. It's my father's place, and he has spent his retirement maintaining it. Now, he's 81 years old and he just can't keep up with it anymore.
He's the bush hog guy, not me. I don't even know how to start the tractor. I certainly don't know how to drive it or how to attach the mowing apparatus. (Somehow, I feel significantly more comfortable with "mowing apparatus" than "bush hog." What does that say about me?) I'm more inclined to hire someone to do the mowing, but Dear Ol' Dad would never stand for that. A man needs to know how to bush hog his own property. There's a lot of validity to that, so soon I will surrender to the Lure of the Tractor.
We've planted a stand of pine trees between the cabin and the creek, and they're starting to grow rapidly. Some of the young trees are about five feet tall now. In thirty years or so, we might have a cash crop on our hands. Let's see, I'll be approaching 80 and my son will be EXACTLY MY AGE! So, the trees and the property really are for him and his sister.
Hey, maybe I'm on to something. I hear the bush hog gene skips a generation. A man needs to know how to bush hog his own property. Isn't that right, son?

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Unknown said...

Daddy D

You have not lived until you have spent a whole day riding on a tractor bush-hogging. The family have about 8 achers in Red River Parish.

You have a sense of accomplishment at days end and see how nice everything looks.

Sitting on the porch having a nice ice tea.

ahhh nothing like it.


Linnea said...

Darrell, please tell me that when you do finally figure out how to bush hog, you will have someone take a picture for your blog. That's simply a visual I can't get my mind around.

Darrell said...

I have a hard time seeing it happen, too. Rest arrused there will be photos.
Next thing you know, I'll be bailing hay.
Do you need a mowing apparatus for that?

Unknown said...

Oh man.. You need 3. 4 Counting the tractor. You will need a cutter (bush hog not good for this) and a rake to row it up after it drys out.

then a bailer.

Need a few days for drying before rake and bail.

Its a great thing!