Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bands, Birds, Bugs and Balloons

Another day of Independence Bowl related activities led my daughter to spend more time with young children. This time it involved inflatables and balloon hats as she and the other ambassadors helped occupy enthusiastic young fans during the “family fun” event. There wasn’t a lot of jostling or elbowing for space in the air-cushioned recreation areas. The combination of Christmas weekend and wicked weather across the south is taking its toll on attendance.
The long-planned Battle of the Bands, anticipated on the heels of family fun, had to be slightly delayed because the musicians from Georgia Tech experienced significant travels delays.

They made it, though, as did the symbolic lead vehicle for the Institute’s athletic enterprises, The Ramblin’ Wreck.

Once things got rolling, musically speaking, the party got lively. The rousing sounds of brass filled the air, as did Mardi Gras beads from local krewes. This gave our ambassadors, which now included a late-arriving close friend, an opportunity to be wacky.

Later, the ladies handed out beads to band members and helped served dinner to them, ambassadorially of course.

My daughter has had a bit of fun with the bowl activities, and they’ve kept her busy if not entertained. Hey, at least she hasn’t been bored.
Fortunately for me, the team mascots accompanied the bands. This means a two-for-one sale on adding to the photo collection. You can’t go wrong with a bird and a bug.

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