Monday, July 27, 2009

Worried About Our Puppy

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Our sweet puppy, the Best Dog Ever, is sick. She may be gravely ill. Today, she had surgery to remove a golf-ball sized lump from her neck. It's an inflamed lymph node and the worst-case scenario is lymphoma, which is always fatal.
She's too young to be sick, just six years old. We're on pins and needles awaiting the results of a biopsy.
She's a member of the family and we love her intensely, but we must face the reality that she is a dog. I made the mistake of doing internet research of possible treatments for canine lymphoma. It seems that chemotherapy might be able to buy us a year. The question is, do we want to go through the heartache and expense? Do we want to put her through it?
If it's a child, you know you would spend your last dime and exhaust your last ounce of energy to fight this all the way. For your beloved pet, how far should you go?
Hopefully, all of this will be moot. The biopsy could come back negative and everyone will be okay. There's nothing profound or creative to say. For now, we nurse her through her post-operative discomfort and just hope for the best.
I can't bellieve how sad and worried we are.

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1 comment:

Doug B. said...

Darrell - There is no finer, more noble, and loving creature than a family's dog. I believe that there is a unique "connection" between a dog's personality and its human family that touches our hearts in a special way. We'll pray that your beloved pet and family friend will make a full recovery soon!