Monday, July 13, 2009

Finding a New Groove

For a couple of decades, my wife and I haven't been getting out much, but that seems to be changing. Tonight, we may have earned cool points by attending a live music event at a recording studio near downtown. The artist was David Egan, a highly respected soul/ blues songwriter. He played to an enthusiastic crowd that packed the little studio. Between songs, he regaled his rapt and thoroughly entertained audience with stories of his travels and encounters with legendary performing/ recording artists.
Egan is a Shreveport native who was part of arguably the most successful local band during my single/ partying years, A-Train. Egan and his bandmates were responsible for many nights of revelry for thousands of people for almost a decade. Several members of A-Train were in attendance and one of his collaborators, Buddy Flett, joined him on stage for the second half of his set.
The performance was recorded in High Definition teevee for broadcast on a statewide program which celebrates Louisiana music.
For me, it was a thrill to hear his familiar voice live. I actually have many of his songs on my iPod. His style and flair brought back a lot of memories. Even without them, it would have been a thoroughly entertaining and relaxing night. I got to enjoy it with my best girl, and you can't ask for anything better than that. Maybe this "empty nest" thing isn't so bad after all.

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Kay Asher said...

You are right... the empty nest isn't so bad. Mike and I have recently enjoy a 2-week road trip to the West Coast, and other fun times. Of course, getting to see our children as much as possible is one of the greatest joys.

Chuckles said...

I did a story on "A-Train" back in the early 1980's for PM. I hope I still have a video copy somewhere. So much of my archive got lost / stolen during a move to/from L.A. If I have the vid, I'll upload on Facebook

Chuckles said...

P.S. Unrelated but as I see your son's pic to the right, I can't help but ask: "Hey Shaggy...where's Scooby?"

Chuckles said...

Just a follow-up: I found a video I produced back in 1980-81 on Shreveport band A TRAIN. David Egan & Buddy Flett played together back then. This video shows them on stage at Humpfree's in the Shreve Square. Here's a link: