Monday, July 06, 2009

Misty Water Colored Memories

Out of the blue, an old friend and co-worker posted a couple of photos on his Facebook page. They came from the mid-1980's when Daddy D was not a Daddy and wasn't even married, had much more hair, much less waistline and was having a whole lot of fun being a local TV sportscaster.I have spent most of the evening staring at the companion photo, which apparently was snapped just moments before a newscast. I can discern that because we are all standing and appear to have a purpose. This leads me to believe we were about to walk into the studio to sit on the set for the opening shot.There are so many memories in that one frame, it's almost unimaginable. It pleases me to say that after all these years most of them are warm and fuzzy. Sadly, our news director (standing, with his coat off), has passed away.
Our work environment wasn't the most pleasing to the eye, but we hung in there and spent five nights a week together. The anchors in the photo, Dale Hoffman and Sherri Talley, are still anchoring. He's in another Louisiana market and she's a mainstay at another station in town. She's such a fixture there, in fact, that most people have completely forgotten she worked at KTAL. Here's proof.
I was so fascinated by this that I took the time to annotate the photo. You may have to click on it to appreciate it. Enjoy the 80's.

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1 comment:

Whitey said...

As I recall, it took some serious Act of Congress for you to get the cable TV hookup. I don't remember your justification, but I imagine it included some La. Downs or U. of Arkansas related reasoning.
Another memory, perhaps not first person experienced, was of the GM ordering himself a new Caddy from Sherri's desk after telling the Weather folks they couldn't have a new graphics system. THOSE were the days!
And last, but definitely no least, Hey Midda Boooday, gotta booook?