Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunrise Over Texas

(Coldspring, TX) - We sit on the sunny shore of Lake Livingston contemplating life. These things can happen as you age. Tomorrow's my birthday and for the first time, age is getting to me. Chronologically speaking, I have lived more than half my life. That's a rumination for another forum, I suppose.
I have the pleasure of spending the weekend in the company of two of my all-time favorite humans, the wife and the lifelong best friend. If you can't resist the cumpulsion to contemplate mortality you might as well do it surrounded by the people who know you best. Oh, wait. There I go again. Sorry.
We came to Texas at my wife's behest. Broadway Across America has brought "Phantom of the Opera" to Houston and my wife got all giddy at the prospect of seeing a high-end production of her favorite musical. The show did not disappoint.
In the world of wacky coincidence, we saw Phantom on Broadway this same weekend nine years ago. I remember it well because it was my 40th birthday and because the feature attraction that weekend (for me) was not Andrew Lloyd Webber but Roger Clemens. It was my first trip to Yankee Stadium. 40 was big. 50 will be enormous. We should probably start planning that excursion now.

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