Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Beautiful Friendship?

The newest resident of our home is not making herself welcome. My wife's kitten is driving me insane. Being a kitten, there are many things in her nature which can put an occasional contrarian like me off kilter.
We won't talk about all the hiss fights as the old fat cat adjusts to the unrelenting presence of this fuzzy interloper.
Neither will we discuss the sometimes subtle but always annoying damage to furniture and baseboards caused by young claws.
We can discuss sleep loss. The kitten, it turns out, is an early riser. She also likes to chase her tail. She also likes the lady who brought her into the house. If you're a kitten, how do you combine these three things? By chasing your tail early in the morning on top of the lady. If you're me and you're sleeping beside the lady, you have a tendency to let your inner contrarian emerge.
The little thing is cute and she's apparently won over at least one member of the household. If she hopes to stick around for the long haul, though, there's still work to do. The numerator in that cuteness over annoyance fraction needs to rise dramatically. Otherwise, Daddy's gonna be cranky.

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