Saturday, June 27, 2009

There She Goes Again

Our daughter, home for a whopping four days, hopped on a bus bound for Colorado and a weeklong backpacking/ camping excursion. We are convinced this crew doesn't know what it's getting itself into, but live and learn. The physical exertion alone will be a challenge for at least a couple of the people on the bus.
The girls (at some point the transition to "young women" must be made) in her crew steadfastly obeyed orders to report without make-up or hair product, so they were photo-shy. Intrepid, I snapped a sneaky one while they were distracted.
Happily for the parents, we have been told the hikers/ campers will be segregated by gender. Come to think of it, given the prohibition on personal grooming products, it's probably best for all concerned.
Remarkably, all this traveling means Happy Couple II will have been thousands of miles apart for all but four days in a five-week period. By all indications, absence has made the heart grow fonder. To put it another way, we saw very little of her during her four-day home stint. These things can take a toll on a suffering father's emotional well-being.
Assuming she survives the wilderness, the blisters and the muscle fatigue, she will be home for eight days before she leaves yet again. This time, "Milk and Honey" will be on the trip together. The good news there is the adult to teenager ratio on that church-sponsored expedition will be only slightly lower than one-to-one. We'll take our chances. That's a mission trip, and it may have a significant impact on the relationship.
However it goes, it's a Big Summer for our little girl. She's growing in so many ways. We surely will miss her. We already do.

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