Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Coon Caper Continues

The time to rid ourselves of the raccoons may be drawing near. The little creatures seem be alarmingly self-aware. They're certainly not self conscious, as you can see.
All of this personal exploration took place in the presence of many witnesses with really nice lighting.
Yes, the raccoons had an outing. It was a return engagement to the historic studio of legendary Shreveport photographer Neil Johnson, who has a notion about creating any number of art and publishng pieces featuring our coons' cutness.
They cooperated well and Neil was plased with the raw materials he captured. The little guys created quite a stir as they always do. The whole Johnson gang was there: photographer, wife, son, daughter and a friend or two...all there to corral coons and keep them in the spotlight.
Meanwhile my wife, proud as punch of her little furry friends, beamed in the background.
As for the raccoons, they've more than doubled in size since we rescued them from certain death several weeks ago. We remain fascinated with their development. We have agreed that this entire episode has been rewardingly fun. We also know that the fun to hassle ratio is about to tilt in favor of the denominator.
In the meantime, we'll keep feeding them and letting them run around the back yard or climb the trees. It might be easier to relesae them into the wild now that they've been properly immortalized.

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