Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adventure Upon the Sea

(Venice, LA) - Apparently experience pays off in pursuit of fish. After being essentially shut out until the very end of day one of the Great Fishing Expedition, day two was decidely different. The reluctant angler nabbed the first fish of the morning. It wasn't a lunker, but it was a keeper: a speckled trout.When the day was done, I had proudly bagged my legal limit of redfish and admittedly enjoyed a certain level of satisfaction.Most of the guys I'm with are hard-core fisherman. for them, it's all about the fish. For me, at least half the fun was simply being someplace I hadn't been before and seeing things I don't see every day. For instance, in our part of the state you just don't run into many giant pelicans moseying by on the water.My friend Andrew invited me on this trip and I'm glad I came. With the exception of a couple of little flare-ups (happily none involving me) everyone has gotten along well and there has been some unabashed hilarity along the way. A few of the photos turned out nicely, too. Some of the scenery was kind of dramatic. To answer the burning question: yes, I'd come again, as long as someone is around to perform the operational aspects of a trip of this magnitude. Fishing is hard work. The weather didn't help. It was preposterously hot out there both days. I'm now a firm believer in SPF 70, because despite two full days out on the water I'm miraculously NOT sunburned. I am dog tired, though. It's a good tired.
The stories are true, too. I haven't earned enough fishing credibility to tell a good, big lie yet. It was fun hangin' with the boys.

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