Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life Goes On

3rd anniversary
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The Happy Couple had a succesfful anniversary weekend. We took them to dinner at a popular Mexican Place and smiles were easy to come by. Interesting twist, though: Her parents joined us. This was the first time in three years of happy couplehood that we had done that. I have to admit to some pre-dinner trepidation. I said to my wife, "This is unprecedented. You don't think there's going to be some kind of announcement do you?" She just stared at me in stunned silence for a few minutes and never actually reponded.
Thankfully, dinner was just dinner. There was a nice band nearby, so we enjoyed the company and the music, celebrated a little and then moved on.
The raccoons are still with us, but there's a new star of our show. Her name is Delilah. Yes, there's another mouth to feed and another vet bill to pay. This one is so young she doesn't even meow, she just squeaks. She's terribly cute and I'm sure she will be a beautiful cat.
The 11-year-old previously established house cat has yet to accept her, but at least she's not feigning indifference. She mostly stares at the kitten and occasionally hisses.
I have to admit I'm having a hard time resisting the ongoing urge each time i see the kitten to say "Hey There, Delilah."
The dog has gone into some kind of emotional bunker. Surrounded by raccoons and cats, she seems dedicated to accepting attention when she can get it while steadfastly guarding the food.
Otherwise, work has been kind of consuming us. If we can ever get everybody fed, maybe we'll go to the movies.

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