Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manly Pursuits

The mission is not necessarily mine, but nonetheless forces are converging in an apparent attempt to create for me a more manly image. First there was the Big Fishing Trip. Now I have a hardhat with my name on it.
An ongoing photo assignment leads me periodically to a multi-story construction site. Hence, the need for semi-protective headgear. As fashion accessories go, Ol' Yella there leaves a lot to be desired. The big sitcky label pasted across the front adds a certain flair and leaves no doubt about to whom the hat is assigned. It's essential to make these things clear. If you don't, someone no doubt overcome with envy would snatch it. The thought of seeing some dapper dude sporting the chapeau jaune around town is just too painful to bear.
I'm thinking of going with a cowboy hat next. Of course, I will be driving a truck when I wear it. Can a native American headdress be far behind?

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Chuckles said...

It's fun to stay at the: YYYYYY....EMMMMMMM....CCCCCCCC...AAAAAYY!

Dave and Shannon said...

if you ever go sit on a deer stand with a gun... then I'll truly know the world is coming to an end.