Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Surrender Your Manhood at the Door

Christmas spectacular
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Any cool points I may have earned by hanging around the sidelines of the Cowboys-Giants game two nights ago were surrendered immediately and with prejudice when I found myself at CenturyTel Center for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes.
The show had its moments. Production value was high. It was colorful and lively. I could not identify a single masculine moment.
I feel compelled to explain how I wound up there. A lady we know, the mother of one of our daughter's friends, bought a row of floor seats for the show and invited the crew of girls to go. They all showed up last night, but their tickets wouldn't scan. It seems the tickets were for Tuesday, not Monday. Oops. Sadly, several of the girls had plans for the next night and couldn't attend.
Seeing the unused (and expensive) tickets sitting on the counter was too much for me to bear. The waste was just eating away at me. A futile attempt to sell them was made, so there they sat. What else did I have to do on a December Tuesday? Off to the show we went.
It was old fashioned, you might say "tradtional" and not very stirring. Still, it was wholesome and basically harmless. There was actual livestock in the show: a camel, a donkey and some sheep. I guess the only shot I had at being manly would have been to pull out a shotgun and go hunting. But, really, would that have helped anyone?
Maybe it will spark my Christmas spirit. If you see me high-kicking at the mall, you know things have gone too far.

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Workman said...

Not manly? You went to a theater and watched some dancin' ladies. Leggy beauties kicked up their heels for your entertainment.

That sounds pretty manly to me, in the most old school way.

You're selling yourself short, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Daddy D - I agree with Workman! You, my friend, are one SMOOOOOTH operator! My wife of 29 years would have immediately said, "I KNOW why YOU want to go!" and would've immediately shot down the idea. But leave it to our ol' Smooth "Cat Daddy D", with his silky "Now, we can't waste these close-to-the-stage tickets, can we?" sweet sales pitch! Congratulations...YOU DID IT! On behalf of us other "manly men" who never had a chance to come within miles of those lovely leggy dancing divas, I congratulate you on such a crafty accomplishment! It pays to read this blog - maybe I'll learn something before the next time these ladies kick into town! :)