Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Truth Hurts

My daughter turned seventeen this week, and I'm having trouble dealing with that. Seventeen (17!) is just different from sixteen. Think about it. How are movies rated? The worst film these days is rated "NC-17," which means no one under 17 is allowed in. Reverse that logic. The people who rate movies think it's okay for a 17-year-old to see serious pornography and/ or violence. That's where my baby is right now.
She said, reflecting on reaching seventeen, "This means if I get a ticket I don't have to go to traffic court." I guess not. Daddy just pays the fine.
Did I say "Daddy?" Forget about it. I've been "Dad" for a long time now, unless she wants something. Then, conveniently, I'm "Daddy" again, but only for a moment.
Janis Ian sang that at seventeen, she learned the truth. I'm not sure my daughter knows the truth yet, but if you ask her she will tell you she does.
I'm proud to have known her for seventeen years. That's the truth, for sure.

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