Monday, December 22, 2008

Best Dog Ever

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I have enjoyed almost fifty years of uninterrupted dog ownership. There was a 2-3 year period in the early 80's when I did not live with a dog due to apartment complex rules and an ugly break-up with the co-owner of a sweet little puppy named Bear.
In my life, I have buried six dogs which lived long, happy lives. I loved them all and each had a distinct personality. None of them compares to our golden retriever.
This is the smartest, sweetest, most expressive and affectionate dog I've ever known. She is remarkable. Her only flaw is an annoying tendency to shed, but she just can't help it. Other than that, she is essentially flawless. She will be six years old later this week, just about middle age for a dog.
We have been advocates of what I call "doggie overlap." This means you get a puppy or young dog long before your current dog runs out of days. It serves many purposes, but mostly it's to soften the blow when that sad, sad day comes.
We agreed long ago to get a second dog when this one was six years old. Now that the day is upon us, I'm not so sure. Our relationship wtih this great llittle friend is so good, I don't want to do anything to alter it. Plus, if she lives a long doggie life, we will be well into our fifties and the children will be well into their twenties before we don't have her anymore. By then, we may have grandchildren. We also may not want the responsibilty of another mouth to feed and another life for which we will be responsible 24 hours a day.
I just don't think we can do any better. I think we just go out on top (hopefully a long time from now) and then take some time to reassess.
I hope every dog lover is fortunate enough, at least once, to have a pet like ours.

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