Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Low-Key Little Trip

(Nashville, TN)- This bowl game experience has been very nice so far. It's interesting to attend a "minor" bowl game as an outsider, since I've been so close to the one at home for such a long time. As a bowl visitor, it would be easy to note the absence of any kind of "buzz" around the game, but that's not something to complain about.
There was a significant gathering of fans on Nashville's famed 2nd Avenue for an outdoor concert and a "battle of the bands." You would think in Music City, USA you wold get frontline entertainment. Diana Degarmo sang the national anthem and hosted the event. The featured entertainers were the Carter Twins, who are poised to release their first CD. Front line? Depends upon your perspective, I guess. It was harmlessly entertaining. There was nothing wrong with it and there was very little intensity. This is how I imagaine many visitors to the Independence Bowl must feel.
On a personal level, the highlight of the trip has been catching up with old friends. My old Friend Tommy drove in from just across the Kentucky state line to join us for dinner. My friend Dave, a Nashville sportscaster, joined us in the Big Suite late last night to catch up.
It's been exeedingly pleasant so far and that's all you can really expect.

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