Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gone But Not Forgotten

KTAL 2001
Originally uploaded by Darrell
This photo has been a recent phenomenon on FaceBook. It started innocently enough when the guy standing to the right of me in the image added a simple comment: "I still have that sweater." Ultimately, every person in the photo except for the blonde in the black sweater in the front row weighed in. It turns out, everyone wearing a sweater still HAS the sweater.
That may say something about salaries in local television, or it may say something about temperate southern climates. Who knows?
Cool weather gear notwithstanding, there is something more noteworthy: All of these people worked at a local TV station in 2001. None of them works there now. Moreover, Daddy D is the only one still in town.
There was talent assembled there. They have all moved to bigger cities, and I hope they have found happiness.
Back row (l to r): Providence, Memphis, Nashville, Shreveport (me).
Front row (l to r): Nashville, Denver, Denver (different stations, a happy coincidence).
Maybe their wardrobes have improved. As for me, I wore that sweater this week!

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