Saturday, February 23, 2008

To Texas and Back

Texas Jet in Ft. Worth
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Mr. Big Stuff got to take a business trip on an airplane. For a lot of people, this is a routine thing. I'm from Bossier and grew up working in a plumbing shop. Taking the company pick-up to Haughton was a highlight for me back in the day.
Actually, I've grown accustomed to the little weekenders on commercial airlines, but hopping on a private plane and flying deep into the Heart of Texas and being home in time for dinner is not something I do every day.
I remember the first time I had that experience. In 1984, I flew to Charleston, South Carolina and back on a charter to cover a football game. When my work was finished, I pulled out a map and shook my head in wonder at the distance I had traveled in a day. It was a foreign concept to me that I woke up in my bed, went that far and came back in time to sleep in my bed again. There's still a little of that left in me.
I went to Ft. Worth and spent some time inside Radio Shack's building. I met a lot of new people and actually ran into a lady who used to work in local television. She was the primary anchor at the local ABC too many years ago to comprehend. We know a lot of the same people and spent a significant amount of time reminiscing.
I had lunch in Dowtown Ft. Worth. With all due respect to George Strait, it's a place that had never really crossed my mind. It's really nice. I enjoyed myself. If this project I'm working on takes off, I'll probably be going back a few times. I'm really looking forward to it.

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Unknown said...

Wow.. from riding around on private planes and running into you at Wal Mart searching for dish washing stuff. (It was good to see you tonight Daddy D)

As I was walking around the Super Center tonight I had a 12 year old kid run over me with the wheeles in the shoe things. It was strange. You said hello in the frozen foods department. Silly me thought that was that. (I was looking for dish washing stuff) YOU found it first and when I found it you were already there with your lovely bride. Now I have a situaton. Do I just roll up behind you and pick up a bottle of Joy? or do i wait in the soft drink area until you guys clear out. I went for the former. I had no idea how long you guys would hang out there and I had things to do.

It was good to see you guys.


Darrell said...

Slightly over-analytical, are we? Working in public radio can do that to you.
You can stalk me in Wal-Mart anytime.
We don't get there very often, but it's the only place with the chocolate cherry Dr.Pepper my wife craves.
Glad you're settled back into life after the Las Vegas adventure.