Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Left Eye Louie Meets the Mascot

Left Eye Louie and the Mascot
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It's time to transistion away from funeral coverage and back to every day Daddy D nonsense. I saw this photoand thought regular readers would appreciate it. It has sports, Idiot Me with yet another mascot, and a droopy left eye! See? Life goes on. There's also a work element in here, too because this is the mascot for Bossier Parish Community college where I am occasionally an adjunct faculty member.
BPCC's gym was packed for the "Battle for the Paddle," the grudge match between the Cavaliers and the hated Southern-Shreveport Port City Jags Since the Red River separates the campuses, the winner gets to keep the symbolic paddle. How the loser is supposed to get across the river without a paddle is beyond me, but that's a metaphor for another day....

It was a terrific game, fitting for a rivalry. The Cavaliers won in double overtime, 104-93.
The game photo above is borrowed from Shane bevel at The Times.

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