Monday, February 04, 2008

A Giant Empty Feeling

NY Times photo by Doug Mills
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The New York Giants are Super Bowl champions, and Eli Manning was the game's most valuable player. I should be excited about this.
We saw Eli in a couple of Independence Bowls when he was at Ole Miss. He's a Louisiana guy and he played in the SEC. The story line of the Manning brothers winning consecutive Super Bowls while earning MVP honors is one for the ages.
I admit that the game-winning drive and Manning's amazing scramble on third down to keep it alive are the stuff of football legend.
As a football fan, I should be happy that the NFL's champions are not tainted by a cheating scandal, as the Patriots might have been in the wake of "spygate."
Veteran linebacker Michael Strahan gets his championship. He's one of the nice guys. I should be happy for him like apparently everyone was for John Elway when he finally got his rings with the Denver Broncos. I guess I am.
For me, as a Dallas Cowboys' fan, it's difficult to celebrate. This is a division rival and the team that knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs. I've spent a lifetime hating the Giants. (Not as much as I hate the Redskins, and not even in the same universe with the Eagles).
So, I'll take a little time to let the emotions subside and I'm sure I'll be happy to have watched one of the most memorable Super Bowls ever.

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