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Thoughts on Ken Cooper

Ken Cooper Thanksgiving '07
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As the news of Ken's unexpected passing spreads, many people are offering expressions of sympahty and support. If there are any questions you have, or any comments you would like to pass along, you can reach me at
SInce there is no expectation that the comments will be published, I will post a couple of samples here which protect the privacy of the authors.
Thank you once again, on behalf of Ken's family, for all the wonderful tributes.

I would like to call your attention to the tribute paid to Ken by Morgan Allen. Scroll down two posts to read an excerpt.

" Ken Cooper is someone who forever changed my life. He approached me when I was a counselor at Camp Hardtner, in Pollock Louisiana over 17 years ago. I served as the youth director for about 8 years at St. Barnabas in Lafayette. Without his asking me to serve, without his noticing something that I couldn't see within myself, without his incredible patience and unconditional love, who knows what I would be doing now. Fr. Ken will always hold a very special place in my heart...."

"I had known him for many years and greatly admired and respected him. As rector of St. Barnabas, Lafayette, he befriended my son who was a student at USL. To this day my son talks often of his fondness for Ken."

"I remember how dear and loving Ken was when Daddy died. I can still hear his words 'That's (his body) not your father now. That's just what his soul used here while on Earth.' It changed the way I looked at dying. It took away the fear I had. And he gave my father a damn fine send off. Make sure Ken gets a similiar one, befitting the fine, decent, caring and loving man he was.
I'm sure my dad has already grabbed him by the arm and said 'Let me show you 'round the place..'"

"Ken was a very special man of God and he will be sorely missed. His good works will live long after him and make a difference in the lives of people for generations to come."

"I believe I met Ken one time---but honestly, through Claire, I've known him for nearly fourteen years. If our children are indeed a mirror of our souls, then Ken was surely one of the kindest, sweetest and gentle of God's children."

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