Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Whole Lotta Love at Christmas

One half of the Happy Couple is out of town for Christmas, which means Mr. Facemelter has been spending quality time with his parents and his sister. While there have been a few sedate, relationship-affirming moments, mostly there has been a lot of sound. Waves of sound. Mounds of sound. We know that kids with their Christmas toys can be loud. This is especially true when the Led Zeppelin fan in the house gets a new amp for his guitar. I need coolin', baby. I'm not foolin'.
His stated goal was to make sure the neighbors could hear him. He tried. We made no attempt to discover if he was successful. Our only hope is that the people in nearby homes couldn't exactly pinpoint the origin of the Christmas Rock Concert. Gonna Make you Sweat. Gonna Make You Groove.
Speaking of groove, our daughter has a new one thanks to her recently-attained automotive freedom. We have seen precious little of her during this break from school, because she is Out There exploring her universe, expanding her horizons and all that. She did come home long enough to score an i-Phone, a navigation system for her car and various clothes/ scents/ jewelry to enhance her innate cuteness. This did work against us at a Christmas Eve party when a teenage boy expressed interest in her. For a variety of reasons, some subjective and others genealogical, nothing will work out there. Whew.
All surviving parents got together under one roof for gift exchange and a nice lunch. So, Christmas has been a success even though we do not come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

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