Sunday, December 16, 2007

Look Out, World. Here She comes

My baby turned 16 today, which means she gets her driver's license tomorrow. This means some time in the late afternoon or early evening, she will be piloting a thousand pound death missile out there all alone. God bless us all.
The Sweet 16 weekend went well, by all accounts. The crew assembled and everybody dressed up for dinner. The celebration continued, thankfully, with a low-key cake-and-ice cream event back at the house. Knowing the potential for "serious" partying that seems to always exist, it was refreshing to know they were content to stay at the house, open presents and watch a DVD. It was reassuringly old fashioned. Many of the girls stayed the night and they prepared breakfast in bed for the birthday girl. While the weekend was low in drama, it was certainly high in calories.There's enough drama ahead. She will explode onto road in her black bullet tomorrow. Everbody get out of the way.

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