Tuesday, July 31, 2007

College and Cookies in California

(Malibu)- We visited Pepperdine University today. I can't imagine any college campus being more spectacular. There are two more colleges on the scedule tomorrow. Hopefully, we will finish with a flourish. We have tickets to see the Dodgers play the Giants. Barry Bonds comes to Chavez Ravine just one home run short of tying Hank Aaron's career record of 755. No fans hate Bonds more than Dodgers' fans. It should be interesting.
We did connect with our prodigal daughter. We drove around Hollywood and Beverly Hills, then had dinner in Westwood Village. We wrapped up the evening with cookies at Diddy Riese. It's been a long day, but Pepperdine is worth the effort and it was great to see the girl. I think she was happy to see us, too. Her experience so far has been spectacular; so it's with an overwhelming feeling of ambivalence that at the end of the evening, we watched her walk away from us without the slightest hesitation. I guess we will see her again in a couple of weeks.

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Workman said...

yeah! Diddy Riese!

back in the day, you could get three cookies and a carton of milk for $1. Or you could get two cookies with ice cream in the middle for $1.

And ordering was a lot like the Soup Nazi... you'd better have your order ready, and have your one dollar bill in your hand by the time you reach the front of the line, or things could get quite umpleasant.

Darrell said...

The Soup Nazi comparision is still valid. The prices are ridiculous. We got two ice cream sanwiches and a dozen cookies for $6.75