Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sights From the Heights: Fountains and Mountains

(Wilkes Barre, PA) - Having squeezed all the joy I could from the Susquehanna River (see below), given my limited time and resources, it was time to experience a little bit more of Wilkes Barre. I didn't realize that Christopher Columbus discovered Pennsylvania. Okay, maybe he didn't, but there's a statue of him in downtown WB nonetheless. It's right beside the lovely fountain which which looks just like the dancing waters you might see anywhere else.
I walked up a steep rise to stand in the shadow of the mountains and then made my way back to the hotel for a bite to eat. There is widespread complaining about the food here, but mine was pretty good. PJ took one bite of his potatoes and pushed them away. Dannie said his food was "sorry." Joe ordered prime rib and said, "it was cooked awesome, but I forgot I'm in the north. No seasoning. It sucked." Quincy said the highlight of his food on this trip has been a Dunkin' Donut. If you think about it, with the possible exception of Philly cheese steak, Pennsylvania doesn't seem to have a signature food item.
It's all about perspective. After all, were in Wilkes Barre. We could just have easily been in Scranton, and who knows what might have happened there?
Near the downtown fountain is a sign which reads "Public bathing is strictly prohibited." Yet, it is quite common to see children running through the dancing waters. I guess if you bust out the Zest and the Panteen Pro-V, you've crossed the line. " /

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Workman said...

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself in my neck of the woods.

Upstate New York and central PA are very similar.