Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July Madness

I just don't get it. On Independence Day, people take leave of their senses and blow things up for no reason. The Happy Couple, both gainfully employed, went against parental judgment and bought a bunch of junk at a local fireworks stand. The noise, the smell, and the mess just make me insane.
I like good fireworks as much as the next guy, but these are not fireworks. These are wastes of cash and wastes of time. Tonight, at the country club near our house, they will send up professional fireworks. I will be in my back yard with a magnificent seat. Downtown, there will be a spectacular fireworks show for the multitdues. Isn't that something like a thousand per Cent better than what's been going on in my front yard today?
I know, I know. I'm no fun. Not only am I on the brink of becoming a doddering old fool; I think I may have already morphed into the Grumpy Old Man. Happy Fourth of July.

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Workman said...

In Texarkana, home fireworks was about the only thing people had to amuse themselves.

On New Year's Eve, the skies were lit up with amateur fireworks as far as they eye could see.

I must admit that I blew some stuff up, too. When in Rome...

Anonymous said...

That's a very flattering picture of me.. heh

Darrell said...

Well, I'm not sure which half of the Happy Couple this is, but I would say the one on the left in the picture looks pretty cute. The Dude on the right has grooming issues.

Anonymous said...

It's the one on the left..:)