Saturday, July 31, 2010

Opera, Show Tunes and Tears

(Austin, TX) – I am spending the weekend embedded among the in-laws, fraught with family festivities. Our absurdly talented niece, soon bound for college on a performing arts scholarship, put together a farewell recital that thrilled those assembled in the worship space of her home church.
She artfully blended classical offerings from the likes of Mozart, Faure and Schubert with Broadway tunes from shows such as “Phantom of the Opera” and “Wicked.”
Her rendition of “Ave Maria” was emotional. (To watch it, click here).

Her staunchly Episopalian grandmother, who doubles as my sweet mother-in-law, was riveted, even to the decidely non-Episcopalian tribute to the Virgin Mother. Moreover, she was caught up in what the whole evening meant. It was billed as a “good-bye recital,” meaning our niece is saying so long to high school and home, as well as childhood. It can make a grandma misty.

It was a moving evening, to be sure. The performance was brave and daring on its own merits. Given the context of it, I’m kind of amazed and impressed that she made it through without even a little breakdown.
She said she was trying her best to surrender to the music and not think about the technicalities or the ramifications of the recital. That says something about her growth as an artist.
Once she makes the leap to college life, she will be on her way. I suspect we’ll be hearing great things from her in short order. I know her mother, her aunt and her grandmother will continue to beam with pride along the way.
Here's a little something from Mozart's Don Giovanni:

Gabriel Faure:

To close, fittingly, "For Good," from Wicked:

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