Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going Gaga

Don't ask me to explain it, just understand that I accept it. Lady Gaga is coming to Dallas this week and my daughter couldn't be more fired up about it. She has assembled a costume to wear to the show. She put this outfit together with her own time, talent and materials.
She and several of her friends will make the trip together, joining with others in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area to attend the most highly-anticipated entertainment event of her young lifetime.
All this for an artist who has yet to release two full albums. Lady Gaga is a phenomenon and this photo of my daughter as a "Little Monster" (which is what Lady Gaga calls her fans) says it all.
All I know is I had to sit in front of my computer the very second those tickets went on sale and I was something of a hero when I got them. The arena sold out in less than ten minutes. It's the hottest ticket in North America.
I have nothing to say. I've been this way about football games. I just hope the show lives up to everybody's expectations. Given the level of anticipation around the house, that will take some doing.
She just might go Gaga.

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