Friday, July 16, 2010

Hard Labor Under the Scorching Mexico Sun

My daughter is home from Mexico, hoarse and strung out from the road but fulfilled. For the second consecutive summer, she joined a church youth group in the border town of Acuna. There, they constructed a new home for an impoverished family.
The stories she tells are compelling, particularly when she recalls the gratitude of the families she and her fellow missionaries have served. While she had fun with her traveling companions, this was far from a pleasure trip.
They stayed in a rural church, where they slept on air mattresses and there wasn’t enough water for everyone to shower. Restroom? Forget about it. Outhouse? Even that’s a bit of stretch.
It must be worth the trouble, though, because she didn't hesitate to sign up when the opportunity was presented again this year.
Life’s small pleasures take on a different meaning when you are deprived of them even for a few days. A Mexican soda pop was one of the highlights of the week.
It’s all about service and gaining a different perspective on your place in the world. She’s gratified that she made the trip again; but make no mistake about it: she’s happy to be home. We’re happy to have her, too.

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