Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who Says This is a Good Idea?

(Oxford, MS) - We are in the midst of an emotional adventure. Our daughter is a senior in high school and we're overwhelmed with the college application process. Having visited expensive private universities, I have demanded that we evaluate slightly less costly options.
The Ole Miss contingent is weighing in, big-time. Tonight, Ole Miss alumni and parents of current Ole Miss students who know we are here have engaged in some kind of text-fest, sending messages on our phones about how fabulous this place is. One even went so far as to write "It's kind of like being a Christian. You have something that is so good you want others to have it." People who love Ole Miss love Ole Miss. I can only imagine what it's like to have a hot sports recruit on your hands. All this pressure from one school for one girl from north Louisiana!
We arrived after dark, so tomorrow we will have a better handle on what all the fuss is about. We popped over to the venerated Oxford town square, where our daughter sat on a bench with William Faulkner, legendary Oxford resident.
And if the food is any indication of what the place is like, it already has a head start. The Italian/ pizza place on the square was just outstanding. The four-cheese pie is noteworthy, but she has a clear first choice among the schools we've visited. After our day on campus here, we'll see how the Rebels stack up. I'm amazed how many of my friends are actively urging me to steer her toward Southeastern Conference schools, as if the status of the athletic departments has anything to do with her selection process. For the record, her current school of choice is not in the SEC but has a football team ranked in the BCS Top Ten. So, there!
All of this site visiting means spending an extraordinary amount of time in the car, which is made easier by modern conveniences. Satellite radio, DVD players, iPods and books on CD really help the time pass.
Our route here conveniently led us right through Mr. Wonderful's college town, so Happy Couple II had a lunchtime reunion. (Yes, his school is on her list). The look on her face spoke volumes. She was clearly happy to see him. Anything that makes my daugher happy makes me happy. I just hope a school relatively close to home (a day's drive? Is that too much to ask?) grabs her. Otherwise, I'm going to have a hard time feeling happy about anything for a while.

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