Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sibling Adventures, Raccoon Style

A significant portion of Mothers' Day has been spent in the back yard. The mother of my children continues to be endlessly entertained by the baby raccoons. She actually took a break from her coonfest to prepare lunch for her mother. After a nice midday family meal, the ladies retired to the patio to watch the animals romp in the back yard.
There are encouraging coon signs from one of our pair. It has found the shrubbery and likes to root around in there. This morning, it climbed into a bush and moments after this image was captured, fell quietly to sleep.
The sibling raccoon isn't quite so advanced. It followed the other into the bushes, but couldn't climb the branches. This youngster seems to enjoy life's finer things, like lawn furniture. The round-the-clock feedings are getting tiresome, but it's interesting to watch these little guys grow. The fun to trouble ratio is still tilted in their favor, so they may be around a little while longer.

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